Better Off Candle

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It is the timeless mantra we tell ourselves when we experience a bad relationship, unfulfilling job, or toxic friendship. ‘I am Better Off’. Now, repeat that to yourself until you know it, own it, exude it.

Our lustrous BETTER OFF, Teakwood candle was delicately blended to bring a balance of velvety woodsy scents, with all the warmth and comfort of a hug from your bestie. The exotic tones of Bengali Teakwood transport you to a far-off place, away from it all, no passport required, and selfies are encouraged just to prove you are better off.

11-ounce candle. Up to an 80 hour burn time. 

Tips to Take Care of Your Candle (and Yourself)

  • 11 ounces OZ.

  • Burns up to 80 hours

  • Before burning, set an intention of renewal, positivity and liberation.

  • Remember, walk away from people in your life that no longer serve your higher self.

  • Trim your candle’s wick with a Better Than Ex wick trimmer to 3/8” before each lighting.

  • Remove discarded wick from candle, be mindful to not leave wick trimmings in jar.

  • Allow wax to melt in a natural state, without repositioning melted/soft wax.

  • Melt away negativity.

Soy wax is a plant-based alternative to traditional paraffin wax that reduces the use of petroleum byproducts, which yields a cleaner burn that is socially & environmentally responsible. Don’t we wish all our past relationships were this clean and simple?

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Love this one!
Smells SO good!
Finally a true Teakwood!!