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Well, we all have to experience the bad, to appreciate the good. Relate? Don’t spend too much time dwelling on relationships and experiences that fall short. Life is full of new opportunities that await you to discover. Give gratitude to the lessons you experience, give your THANX, then onto the NEXT.

A new start is certainly refreshing, almost as refreshing as our juicy citrus-inspired sweet grapefruit THANX, NEXT candle. Made with natural oils, our soy-based candle gives a tangy, cleansing scent to your space, evoking thoughts of what is next for you. This Better Than X classic candle may soon become the new daily ritual that you will not be saying ‘next’ to.

11-ounce candle. Up to an 80 hour burn time. 

Tips to Take Care of Your Candle (and Yourself)

  • 11 ounces OZ.

  • Burns up to 80 hours

  • Before burning, set an intention of renewal, positivity and liberation.

  • Remember, walk away from people in your life that no longer serve your higher self.

  • Trim your candle’s wick with a Better Than Ex wick trimmer to 3/8” before each lighting.

  • Remove discarded wick from candle, be mindful to not leave wick trimmings in jar.

  • Allow wax to melt in a natural state, without repositioning melted/soft wax.

  • Melt away negativity.

Soy wax is a plant-based alternative to traditional paraffin wax that reduces the use of petroleum byproducts, which yields a cleaner burn that is socially & environmentally responsible. Don’t we wish all our past relationships were this clean and simple?

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