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about betterthan

Better Than X candles are designed, produced, and shipped direct from our headquarters in Utah. Made in the USA. Our passion is to create high quality, hand crafted, small batch pure 100% soy candles for our tribe who are embarking upon a transition. Each candle is phthalate free, alcohol free, and cruelty free. All our candle fragrance oils are custom every time and take about 2 weeks mixed by master perfumers at Sozio in the USA. Luxury 100% long burn candles at an affordable price great for small to medium sized rooms. Let your candle burn for more than hour to enjoy the multi layered slow release fragrance oil. Life is complicated – don’t let your choice of candle be.


- 11 OZ.
- Burns up to 80 hours
- Before burning, set an intention of renewal, positivity and liberation.
- Remember, walk away from people in your life that no longer serve your higher self.
- Trim your candle’s wick with a Better Than Ex wick trimmer to ¼” before each lighting.
- Remove discarded wick from candle, be mindful to not leave wick trimmings in jar.
- Allow wax to melt in a natural state, without repositioning melted/soft wax.
- Melt away negativity.