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Our Story

At Better Than X Candles, we are all about being there for you during the crappiest times in life. We all have been there, some of us have been there so often, we need a rewards points program. Why does life continue to deliver us obstacles that continue to rock our worlds? Well, much like the seasons, these chapters of highs and lows will continue to come, and we just need to brace ourselves and prepare for discovering the silver linings in all.

During these times, we believe in surrounding ourselves with comfort as we reflect on ‘what’s next’. Comforts like a call from a friend, draping yourself in a cashmere blanket, putting your toes in the sand, a bottle of wine (or two), puppies, a good cry and the glow of a perfectly placed candle in your home or office. Yes, we believe that last suggestion is exactly what we need when that relationship, job, life change, friendship unexpectedly implodes. Which is why Better Than X was born – to create luxuriously, responsibly sourced candles that are better than the messy life stuff.


Our founder, has his own story of life turning itself upside down, and he reflected upon that moment and used it to inspire the creation of Better Than X.  How the business came about is, quite funny & relatable to many. Every business has a story behind its origin, and Better Than X Candles is no exception:

Our story started in 2019 when my girlfriend (at the time) said, for a date idea, that making candles sounded like fun. I thought, sure. Why not? I went online and ordered a candle making kit and anxiously waited for the package to arrive.

A few days later, as I was bringing the box from my doorstep in, my phone rang. It was my girlfriend. I could not wait to tell her the candle making it arrived and we could now celebrate an epic date night straight out of a Lifetime Movie.

What would happen next, was a direct hit to my heart…..

I only remember excerpts of that call, which included: “ex-boyfriend called’, “see where things could go with him”, “going to give him another chance” – then before she hung up; “let me know how the candles turn out”. CLICK.

Yep, dumped with a candle making kit in my hands. At that point, I was instinctively drawn to do what I thought every guy should do; call a friend, go drink a few rounds of Scotch and create a list of 100 reasons why I was better off without her.

It’s easy to reflect and develop reasons why that relationship was not right from the start, but I decided to reflect in a way more literal way. That night, I took that candle kit, and spent hours making and creating. Tinkering with the right amounts of scents, oils, wax. Choosing the perfect vessel to create the candles. It was the most cathartic process I had ever experienced. I created with intention, a sense of renewal, and realized there were many more things I could focus on that are better than my experience with my ex.

Some can say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I say when life gives you a candle making kit & a broken heart, use it to ignite a premium candle brand that is intended to inspire anyone going through any type of breakup. A candle, and not a care in the world.

A candle is a universal symbol of relaxation, mood lifting and creator of calm. A way to close your eyes, breathe deep and transport yourself somewhere else. Lucky for me, emotionally transported me far away from my ex.

I built the Better Than X brand with all the attributes we encourage you to consider when you turn the pages of the chapter in your life. Integrity, high values, self-love, healing, high-vibing, consciously created – all to guide you to your higher self.

Now, I could have branded the candles however I wanted, but in the back of my head I kept thinking about the last thing my ex said to me – “Let me know how the candles turn out.” What better way to tell her than to name the brand after her? I mean, after all, it was her idea to make candles, right?

What is your ‘Better Than’ story? Write me a note, let’s share.



Founder, Creative Director