Better Than X story

At Better Than X Candles, we are all about being there for you during the crappiest times in life. We all have been there, some of us have been there so often, we need a rewards points program. Why does life continue to deliver us obstacles that continue to rock our worlds? Well, much like the seasons, these chapters of highs and lows will continue to come, and we just need to brace ourselves and prepare for discovering the silver linings in all.

During these times, we believe in surrounding ourselves with comfort as we reflect on ‘what’s next’. Comforts like a call from a friend, draping yourself in a cashmere blanket, putting your toes in the sand, a bottle of wine (or two), puppies, a good cry and the glow of a perfectly placed candle in your home or office. Yes, we believe that last suggestion is exactly what we need when that relationship, job, life change, friendship unexpectedly implodes. Which is why Better Than X was born – to create luxuriously, responsibly sourced candles that are better than the messy life stuff.